Teen & Youth Activity Centers

YMCA Teen and Youth Activity Centers offer a safe, friendly, and casual atmosphere for teens age 12-18. Each center provides adult supervision and a fun place to hang out with friends. Our staff builds positive relationships with teens through games, special events, and programs created by teens.

The Central and North Y Teen Centers have music studios equipped with Apple® media software for recording and lessons. Individual recording times are available for one-on-one sessions with our trained staff, as well as beginning music lessons at all locations for those who are just starting out. Teens can learn how to create a short film, from storyboarding to screening, in film workshops with our knowledgeable staff. Tutoring and homework assistance is also available.

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School Year

Central Valley North
Mon-Thur 4 – 8:30pm 4 – 8pm 4 – 8pm
Fri 4 – 9pm 4 – 8pm 4 – 8:30pm
Sat 2 – 8pm 10am – 7pm 2 – 9pm
Sun 2 – 6pm 11:30am – 5pm 2 – 6:45pm


Central Valley North
Mon-Thur 3 – 7pm 4 – 8pm 2 – 8pm
Fri 4 – 9pm 4 – 8pm 2 – 8:30pm
Sat 2 – 7pm 10am – 7pm 2 -8:30pm
Sun 2 – 6pm 11:30am – 5pm 2 – 6:45pm

Teen Centers will be closed following branch holiday closures:  New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.