Y Stories

Staff Spotlight – Elliot

Growing up in Spokane, Elliot spent many days as a kid in....

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My Y Story – Amber

Spending three hours coaching basketball on a Thursday night may not seem....

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Staff Spotlight – Brandon

Every day presents a different challenge for Brandon at the North Spokane....

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Staff Spotlight – Aiden

Aiden believes in paying it forward, and he doesn’t want to waste....

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My Y Story – Jennifer

Serving in our nation’s military can take a family across the country....

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Staff Spotlight – Stevie

Stevie isn’t shy. She says her outgoing and friendly personality makes her....

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My Y Story – Tonya

For many mothers, being healthy and active is more complicated than just....

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Staff Spotlight – Amanda

When Amanda graduated from college she sought a job that would allow....

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Our Areas Of Focus

For Youth Development

Nurturing the potential of all youth and teens by fostering within each child a commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and a positive identity.

For Healthy Living

Improving our community’s health and well-being through physical and social activities designed to build relationships and community.

For Social Responsibility

Through the support of volunteers and donors the Y gives back through food programs, and affordability for all thanks to the Annual Giving Campaign. At the Y, everyone can participate regardless of financial circumstance.