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If you or a family member has participated in a YMCA program in the last two years you are in the database and are set to register. 
Please Note: Photo ID is required upon checking in any YMCA branch.

Helpful Hint: In order to reduce the chance of duplicating your information in the system, please enter login and password for the person who will participate in the program you are registering for. If Child1 will attend the class, login using Child's name and birth date.  

If you have any questions about logging in, registering, or searching for programs, please view the online FAQ or call 777-YMCA (9622). 


First Time Logging in? 
Follow the instructions below. Please Note: Photo ID is required upon checking in any YMCA branch.

Your password is automatically set to your first initial of your first name + first initial of your last name + birth date (ex: John Doe DOB January 5th 1975 Default Password - JD010575). Once you login the first time you can change your password under My Family and My Information. Remember to login as the individual participating in the program/classUnless you want to take Pike swimming lessons or sign up for T-ball, log in as the participant. 

After you login select time range, location, and program category. Selecting All Program Categories will provide a list of all available programs. 

Select the program(s) you want and select click here after selecting program(s). Your price will be displayed including any scholarships or discounts (these are already deducted). Click "Add to Cart" to complete the transaction.  

Enter credit card information and click Check Out. A receipt will pop up showing your transaction. We recommend you print this and keep it for your records.


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