Youth Investment Program

Ages 13 - 19

The YMCA Youth Investment Program intervenes and invests in the lives of at-risk youth ages 12-19. We provide support, guidance and the opportunity to fulfill required community service through a variety of job settings. Teens are introduced to the values and principles that will help them succeed in an array of work environments, while also being shown the true value in themselves. Participants are encouraged in life goal-setting and enhancing their work skills by working closely with positive adult mentors in a productive environment. 

At work in our community

Youth Investment Program provides all types of lawn and yard care services including mowing, trimming, weeding, raking and cleaning flower beds. We offer a unique opportunity for local businesses, non-profits and individuals to partner with us and help area youth learn valuable job skills and work ethic. Discounted lawn services are performed alongside and under direct supervision of YMCA staff. 

In partnership with Coordinated Care, the participants in the Youth Investment Program will be selling produce at the West Central Marketplace on Tuesday eveninings and the Emerson Garfield Farmer's Market on Friday evenings. This opportunity is made available by generous financial and development support by Coordinated Care. CC will allocate $500 of the sponsorship to provide $5 coupons for our members to buy produce.  This will provide access to healthy foods directly to those served by the health care provider. 

To learn how you can support this valuable program or to schedule your lawn services, please contact Jesse Richner or call 509 777 9622 x 215.

This program is made possible by funding from:

BNSF Foundation
Coordinated Care
Valley Sunrise Rotary Club
YMCA Annual Community Support Campaign
Annual Tee Off For Teens Golf Tournament - Manito Golf & Country Club, September 2016

In-kind donations:
A.M. Landshaper
Blumen Gardens

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