Teen Center

Ages 12-18

A safe place for your teens to hang out! Created specially for teens, by teens, our Teen Centers have it all: friends, awesome people, video games, recording studios, movies, music and more! Your teen will have the ability to chill with friends or get help on homework - all under the guidance of caring staff. Computers are available during open hours, chalk walls to explore artistic talents, as well as Wii and XBox360 gaming systems. Resources are available to help connect teens to programs and job opportunities in the community. Come join us to find a place to belong and to help build a community.  

For North Y recording studio times or music lessons, please inquire with Tammy Campbell or call 509 777 9622 ext 315.

Schedule is subject to change for programs and holidays:

School Year Hours

Central Y

 Valley Y

North Y 

Mon-Thu:4 - 8pm        

 Mon-Thu: 4 - 8:30pm        

Mon-Thu: 4 - 8pm 

 Fri: 4 - 9:45pm

 Fri: 4 - 9pm

Fri: 4 - 8:30pm

 Sat: 2 - 8pm

 Sat: 2 - 8:45pm

Sat: 2 - 9pm

 Sun: 2 - 6pm

 Sun: 2 - 6:45pm

Sun: 2 - 6:45pm


    North Calendar of Events 


Do you need somewhere quiet to do your homework after school? During the school year, every Mon-Thurs from 4-5pm will be designated as HOMEWORK HOUR. Computers will be for homework use only, and staff will be available to assist you.

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