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Preva Networked Fitness offers workout personalization on the Precor equipment. Getting started is easy — you'll create your account, set goals and start tracking your progress.

Set a a goal and Preva will track your progress in time, distance and calories. You can choose a focus, like losing weight, getting toned or pushing your performance and earn virtual badges along the way.


  • Set up your Preva Networked Fitness account at any of the three Spokane YMCAs (see instructions on how to get started; it's easy!)
  • Get the Preva Mobile app for iPhone to keep track of all your activity — cardio workouts at the Y, a hike with the Y group on the weekend and a swim in the pool — whatever moves you!
  • Pick up a Preva key tag from a wellness coach for quick and easy log in on the cardio equipment — treadmills, AMTs, ellipicals and cycles
  • Watch Preva in action:

Getting started with Preva is easy!


Select "Sign In" from
the Welcome page
Create your account, using your email address Monitor your progress, scan the Internet, watch TV or listen
to music ... all while progressing toward your goal
Set weekly goals; create and replay custom workouts. Earn fun, virtual rewards for your progress!

Preva Net

Internet access

Multi-taskers unite! Be connected; stay connected, even while you sweat! The Precor cardio equipment  is now outfitted with Preva Net, offering Internet access to popular topics such as health and fitness, news, sports, technology, business and more. It's all delivered in a format designed specifically for the in-motion exerciser and will help to make your workout experience engaging and productive (and who couldn't use that?!).

Choose from preset feeds like Reuters, ESPN, Cooking, Men's Fitness, Women's Health, Cooking, Business Week and more, or start a Google search for your topic of choice. Your browsing history is cleared when your workout ends, and, for your safety, the touch keypad will not activate on the treadmill at speeds over 4 mph.

New consoles

The 880 Line features a touchscreen console and intuitive interface.

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